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Zoa Cell offers patients the best in regenerative therapies for the treatment of diabetes
Zoa-Pedia: [Diabetes] - Diabetes is a syndrome of disordered metabolism, usually due to a combination of hereditary and environmental causes, resulting in abnormally high blood sugar levels.
. Utilizing exclusive cellular separation techniques of autologous adult stem cells
Zoa-Pedia: [Adult Stem Cell] - Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells found throughout the body after embryonic development
, Zoa Cell provides patients with the precise type and highest quality of cells possible.

Our mission: To provide world-class, cost effective, easy to participate in treatment processes with the highest possible success rates. Our global network of research, medical knowledge and protocol resources provide patients with the best possible information and understanding of this revolutionary treatment.

We have established relationships with high-leveled qualified physicians worldwide to ensure our mission success. Zoa Cell places you, the patient, FIRST while using clinically tested and monitored protocols to:

  • Provide the highest quality patient services, combining knowledge and experience with a focus on treatment for diabetes mellitus type 2, supported by outstanding facilities and professional staff.
  • Pre-treatment protocols to ensure the highest success possible for your treatment.
  • Render select techniques with new and ongoing research and observation to provide patients with both promising and innovative first-class adult stem cell treatments.
  • Follow-up and post treatment regimes designed to increase your success and ensure that our protocols meet the highest medical standards possible.

Zoa Cell’s certified technicians follow rigid quality-controlled procedures to protect the cells from contamination from the moment they are collected to the time they re-enter our patients' bodies. The company continually improves its exclusive cell separation techniques to provide all patients with the precise type and highest quality cells.

Zoa Cell's focus on long-term patient care, utilizing a sophisticated monitoring system, is unlike any other in the industry providing you the peace of mind that your long term treatment is our goal. Zoa Cell's Patient Relations team emphasizes the necessity of lifestyle change through pre-therapy patient education programs, ongoing post-therapy labs, and long-term patient monitoring and education.

Complementary to therapeutic applications, Zoa Cell will launch clinical trials of its existing adult stem cell therapy for diabetes type 2 patients identifying the most efficacious, most advanced, and safest regenerative therapies for the disease.

Zoa Cell’s Science Advisory Council consists of doctors from five different countries:

  • Roberto Viña, Argentina, who has successfully treated more diabetics with stem cells than any doctor in the world
  • Bernard Shagan, USA, one of America's very few 'Master' endocrinologists
  • Ross Walker, Australia, an internationally acclaimed cardiologist, bestselling author, and one of the world's best keynote speakers.
  • Saengsuree Jootar, Thailand, whose many many honors include being the next Chairman of Councils of the prestigious International Society of Hematology

Through the company’s alliance with The Repair Stem Cell Institute, Zoa Cell directs patients suffering from other diseases to reputable clinics and physicians throughout the world.

Interested in learning more about Zoa Cell or Adult Stem therapy? Visit our Treatment Center to learn more or watch a video about how the process works. Our Virtual Clinic provides existing patients a way to stay connected with Zoa Cell and their treatment process and our Investor Central area is where you can find out about Zoa Cell as an organization and about opportunities to invest in this revolutionary therapy.

Best of all, see the impressive one-year results for Repair Stem Cell treatments of diabetics.
Click here to view our Adult Stem Cell study.
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